Free home health aides training

What you will learn in free home health aides training

If you are looking for a secure and rewarding career, then you can join free home health aides training in your area. The free training takes 3 weeks and it consists of the experience and the education that you require to begin in this work. The certification you get may be personal care aide or certified home health aide. The program will include  dementia or alzheimer’s training, HIV/AIDS, hospice and pediatric training. The training is   two weeks classroom studies and a week of practical and 8 hours of them will be training around the patients. The students who graduate have always jobs and they can always get the employment if they join the home care agency around their area.

To be able  to join in the program, you have to ensure that you are caring, honest and dedicated. Before you join the program, you have to make sure that you understand well the type of the services that you have to offer. If you think that you need to be enrolled in the program, you have to check if you have met the extra requirements. You need to have a proof that you are eligible to work in the country and a form of identification. You may be requested to provide at least 2 references before you join. You have to provide also your physical address and to be able to afford the supplies and the books for the training.

The free home health aides training has to prepare the caregivers to give both long and short term care. The care may be given to people who are sick or who are suffering a chronic or geriatric illness. The caregivers can suffer in different specialties. As the caregivers demand is increasing, taking advantages of the free training can open new doors for many people.

Skills of home care giver

Contrary to the certified nursing assistances who have to work in the hospital, the home health care aides have been prepared to work only in the homes. However, home caregivers can also be trained to give some care similar care as the one that it is provided by the CNAs. The caregivers also can help with errand running, meal preparation and light housekeeping. The caregivers may range from the untrained who only offer cleaning and homemaking help, while others have specific medical skills and they also have to get licenses before they work. For the caregiver who wants to join in any program that it is sponsored by the insurance, then he has to prove that he has done 75 hours of the classroom and 16 hours of practical.

The free home health aides training is normally offered by the homecare agency so that when the students finish can join them. To join the program, you have to pass the drug screening test, you should be able to write and read English and to be over 18 years. If you get the certification from any agency or any hospital where they offer free home health aides training, it will be the right step towards getting a stable job, confidence and you will be saving money.

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